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Little girl blowing a dandelion flower.

What are you fighting or resisting today? What condition of your life do you blame for keeping you from feeling well? Today, you are going to use what is troubling you to gain a spiritual wellness tool. You will be empowered with the knowledge that you can take actions that nurture feelings of release and of comfort. You will learn a technique that you can continue to use. What I am guiding you toward is developing practices you can use every day to nurture and sustain a greater sense of spiritual well being.

Each step is an act that will help you to practice both accepting and surrendering: key principles of healing. When you let go (of that thing, that person, that idea, that expectation, that situation) your awareness can shift to other things. You can be present more fully to your life, your day, and your moments.

Now, if you are ready, let us go through a simple 5-step process.

Step One:

On the left side of a small scrap of paper, write what you are now willing to release to your Higher Power on the left side of a small piece of paper.

Step Two:

On the right side of the same scrap of paper, write what you would like to bring into your life, the spiritual opposite of what you are letting go.

Step Three:

Tear the paper in half and with a lit match,* burn the scrap that holds the words stating what you are asking your Higher Power to remove.

Step Four:

Watch the paper burn, curling into the ethers. Light it as many times as you need to until every single particle is transformed into ash.

Step Five:

In a manner that feels authentic to you, express your gratitude for being able to perform this action of release.

This is a symbolic ritual. You are asking your Higher Power to fill the newly created space your act of conscious release has opened and made available to receive. Instead of feeling hopeless against the suffering that worry and regret bring, you now have a 5-step technique, an action you can take, to feel a sense of release from the tension that binds you.

The meaning of the events in your life can change as you change your relationship with whatever it is you are regretting or fearing by accepting you are powerless over it and surrendering it to your Higher Power to remove and replace.

These actions can actually change the story you are telling yourself.